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Cloud Engineering

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Stand out among IT professionals with the technical skills needed to build and maintain cloud infrastructure.

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Flexibility Without Compromise

The Professional Master of Engineering and Graduate Certificate in Engineering programs provide a variety of options for professional engineers interested in continuing their education at one of the top engineering graduate schools in the nation. U.S. World News & World Report ranks the A. James Clark School of Engineering engineering programs in the top 10 in the nation amoung public graduate schools. Our online graduate engineering programs are also ranked 6th among similar programs nationwide. 


The Professional Master of Engineering (M.Eng.) program is a practice-oriented, full-time or part-time graduate program specifically designed to assist engineers in the development of their professional careers and provide the technical expertise needed in business, government, and industrial environments. Completion of the degree requires 30 credits hours in an area of concentration with a B average. Coursework must be approved by the department's program faculty representative. M.Eng degrees must be completed within five years.

Because there is no research component to the M.Eng. degree, an M.S. is recommended for those interested in pursuing a Ph.D.

The Graduate Certificate in Engineering (GCEN) program is open to qualified applicants holding a regionally accredited bachelor's degree in engineering or a related field. Completion of the degree requires 12 credit hours in an area of concetration with a B average. Coursework must be approved by the program faculty representative. GCEN degree must be completed within five years. 

Credits earned for a GCEN can be applied toward a Master of Engineering degree should the student be admitted to the program upon completion of the certificate. 

Due to the brief nature of the GCEN program, interational students will only be considered for programs offered entirely online. 

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