Spring 2020

MAGE Departmental Student Orientation 1/21/20
Last Day to Cancel Registration or make registration changes with 100% refund 1/24/20
Last Day to Register Without a $20.00 Late Registration fee 1/24/20
First Day of Classes 1/27/20
Last Day to Add Classes or make even credit exchanges 2/7/20
Last Day to adjust schedule (drop, credit or grading method change) 2/7/20
Last Day of Classes 5/12/20
Final Exams 5/14/20 - 5/20/20
University Commencement Ceremony 5/22/20
College Commencement Ceremony 5/21/20


For additional academic deadlines, including specific sessions beginning and end dates, course add/drop and financial deadlines please see the Office of the Registrar.


  • You must use Testudo to register for your courses, whether you attend on campus or at a remote site.
  • Please be sure to enter the correct section code. If you are unsure of which section code to enter, please click here.
  • If you're registering for a course that requires permissions to register (Perm Req), please click here.
  • Please note that tuition and fees differ based on your section choices.

For additional Academic Deadlines, please see Testudo.

Note: For additional information about courses or course syllabi, please contact the course instructor directly.

Note: For additional questions about choosing courses, please contact your primary Academic Advisor.