Required Materials

Applications will not be reviewed until the Graduate School Application has been fully completed. All incomplete applications and applications from international students who are not cleared for admission will be withdrawn. Applicants who do not register for the semester for which they are admitted will also have their admission terminated. Information and resources required in the application include: 

  • Application Fee: A $75 fee is required to complete an application.  
  • Three Letters of Recommendation: Master of Engineering (M.Eng) applicants must identify three individuals to provide recommendations. Graduate Certificate in Engineering (GCEN) applicants are required to identify two references if they have a GPA below 3.0.
  • English proficiency scores: International applicants only. 
  • Transcripts:  You may upload unofficial transcripts to the application. Only admitted students who choose to enroll will be required to submit official hardcopy transcripts to the Graduate School.  If your transcript was issued in a different language, you must also include a literal English translation. Please do not upload encrypted transcripts, as we will not be able to view them. If encrypted, please print the document out, scan it, then upload a scanned version. 
  • GRE Test Scores: Submission of your GRE test scores is recommended but not required.

In your application, please focus on the required items described above. Inclusion of other materials is not recommended as they will generally not be considered in making admission decisions.


Application Deadlines

  On-Campus Domestic On-Campus International Online Domestic and International
Spring Dec. 15th Sept. 24th Dec. 15th
Summer May 15th n/a May 15th
Fall July 31st Mar. 8th July 31st
Winter Oct. 15th n/a Oct. 15th



Application Instructions

Applications are submitted online via the Graduate School websiteTo begin the Graduate School application, click here. When creating your application account, please ensure that your name matches the name listed on your official, government-issued identification (e.g., passport). 

When you are filling out the online application you will see several tabs that ask for different information (detailed below).

After responding to all required and relevant items, you may submit your application.

  • College/School: A. James Clark School of Engineering - Advanced Engineering Programs
  • Program of Study: Choose program of study. Click for a list of program codes.
  • Degree: M. Eng. or Cert GR

Please enter your cumulative GPA for all schools attended as listed on your transcript. International students should NOT convert their GPA to the 4.0 scale.

  • Section #1 - Statement of Purpose
    • A traditional Statement of Purpose is not required for the Master of Engineering or Graduate Certificate in Engineering degree programs. Instead, please upload the following statement to the Statement of Purpose section: 

      I [Full Name] understand that I am applying for the [Degree - M. Eng. or GCEN] program in [Program Name]. I understand there is no research or thesis in the program and no financial assistance provided.

  • Section #3 - Supplementary Application *Cybersecurity ONLY 
    Cybersecurity applicants may upload certification documentation to this section.


  • If you need to make any changes after you have submitted the application, you must contact the Graduate School at
  • For any technical difficulties with the online application, please contact Application Support.
  • For all other questions relating to the application process, please contact one of our admissions staff members.

Admissions Staff

Caitlin Gover

2105 JM Patterson, College Park, MD 20742
301-405-7712 |

After You Submit Your Application:

Application Status
You can log in to your application anytime to check the status of your application. This information will be displayed on your application dashboard. Please note: the GRE is not required for M.Eng. or GCEN applications, however, the system may note that your application is "Incomplete" without GRE scores. You can ignore that system message.

Application Review Process
After your application is complete, it will be reviewed by Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering. The department will decide whether or not to recommend you for admission to the Graduate School. The Graduate School makes all final admissions decisions and will issue the official admission letter. Once the decision has been made, you will be able to view your decision letter online by logging back into your application.

I-20 for International Students
The I-20 is issued by the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) office when the Graduate School grants admission. Admitted students will receive all necessary immigration information in order to obtain an I-20 directly from ISSS.

Deferral of Application or Admission
Applicants and admitted students may defer their application or admission for up to one year. To request a deferral, please email Gerardo Najera at to discuss your eligibility to do so.

Application Withdrawal Dates/Termination of Admission Status
Please note that all incomplete applications and applications from international students who are not cleared for admission will be withdrawn. Applicants who do not register for the semester for which they are admitted will have their admission terminated.