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Frequently Asked Questions on Proctoring

Dependent upon where you are located, you can choose to either join the on-campus section to take your exams (given your instructor's approval) or select to have a Third-Party Individual proctor your exams for the semester. For additional informational on these options, please click to view the Student Proctoring Agreement

Online courses requiring exam proctoring is at the discretion of the instructor. The instructor makes this decision shortly after the start of the semester. All online courses do not require proctoring, but if you have selected to enroll in the online section of a course, there is a possibility that exam proctoring will be required, and you will be notified of this once the Schedule Adjustment period has ended.

 Upon submitting the "In-Class" proctoring form, your instructor will be notified of you sitting in with the on-campus section of that course for the exam. Please email mage-advising@umd.edu about a week after you've submitted the form, if you have not received a confirmation by that time.

Many local community colleges and public institutions also provide testing centers that proctor exams for students from outside institutions for a small fee.

Professors provide the date range for exams to the students.  If you are taking an exam outside of the exam schedule, you must provide written permission from the professor to the MAGE, preferably two weeks in advance.

Students are asked to complete the University of Maryland Honor Pledge (or to write-out the Honor Pledge) before taking an exam to affirm a sense of pride and integrity of their work. Information regarding the University of Maryland Honor pledge is here.

If you miss your scheduled exam time, your professor may give you a zero on the exam.  When you have a conflict with an exam time/date, please contact your professor as soon as possible (and copy the MAGE) for the permission to take it on another day.

The MAGE reserves the right to deny any proctor or assign proctors to students as necessary. If you have questions about an individual’s suitability, contact the Coordinator for Academic Affairs, at (301) 405-1101 or e-mail mage-advising@umd.edu.