Learn the correct section code for your program and registration preferences (for course registration purposes):



  • Description: Course sections are held in-person on the College Park campus
  • 0101 or 0201 or 0301 (CP01 during Summer Sessions)


  • Description: Course sections are held fully online in an asynchronous fashion. Students watch the lectures at their convenience each week.
  • Bioengineering: BI*
  • Cloud Engineering: AEB*
  • Cybersecurity: CY*
  • Energy Systems: ME*
  • Fire Protection Engineering: EF*
  • Hypersonics: AEA*
  • Project Management: PM*
  • Reliability Engineering: ER*
  • Software: SW*
  • Systems: SY*
  • Other Online: DE*

Other Sections:

  • TV*: This is primarily used for Aerospace-related courses that are distance learning.
  • RE*: This is a course section for MS/Ph.D. students and is NOT an appropriate selection for M.Eng/GCEN students.

Other Considerations:

- Students on an F1 visa are permitted to enroll in ONE online course per semester towards the full-time registration requirement.

- Please note that Tuition and Fees differ depending on whether you are enrolling in your course(s) on-campus or fully online.  Please click here for more information.