Some programs also utilize courses from other Engineering departments. Please reference those departmental websites for further information on courses under their purview.

Note: ENPM808: Advanced Topics in Engineering is an Independent Study Project and you must have permissions to enroll. Instructions for applying can be found here

Students in this program select from program course offerings in consultation with advisor.
Course Title Offering Plan
ENPM600   Probability and Stochastic Processes for Engineering every fall
ENPM601   Analog and Digital Communication Systems every spring
ENPM602 Data Networks every spring
ENPM603   Theory & Applications of Digital Signal Processing every other fall
ENPM607     Computer System Design and Architecture 1.5 year loop
ENPM609   Microprocessor-Based Design 1.5 year loop
ENPM610     Digital VLSI Design 1.5 year loop
ENPM611 Software Engineering every fall and spring (spring = online only)
ENPM612   System and Software Requirements every spring
ENPM613   Software Design & Implementation every fall
ENPM614   Software Testing & Maintenence every spring
ENPM615   Embedded Systems every fall
ENPM616   Wireless Communications: Systems and Network Design Principles varies
ENPM617   Compilers every other fall (rotates with 674)
ENPM620     Computer Aided Engineering Analysis every fall
ENPM621   Heat Pump and Refrigeration Systems Design Analysis every fall
ENPM622 Energy Conversion I - Stationary Power every fall
ENPM623   Engineering Combustion Emissions for Air Pollution Control every other fall
ENPM624   Renewable Energy Applications varies, Spring 2024
ENPM625   Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning of Buildings 1.5 year loop
ENPM626   Waste and Biomass Energy Conversion every other summer
ENPM627 Environmental Risk Analysis every other spring
ENPM631 TCP/IP Networking every fall
ENPM632   Advanced TCP/IP Networking every other spring
ENPM634   Penetration Testing every fall
ENPM635   Thermal Systems Design Analysis 1.5 year loop
ENPM640   Rehabilitation Robotics every fall
ENPM645   Human-Robot Interaction every fall
ENPM650 Solar Thermal Energy Systems every spring
ENPM651   Heat Transfer for Modern Application 1.5 year loop
ENPM652 Applied Finite Element Methods every summer
ENPM654 Energy Systems Management every summer
ENPM656   Energy Conversion II -- Mobile Power every spring
ENPM657   Applied Cryptography every fall
ENPM660   Wind Energy Engineering every fall (online only)
ENPM661   Planning for Autonomous Robots every spring
ENPM662   Introduction to Robot Modeling every fall
ENPM663   Building a Manufacturing Robotic Software System every spring
ENPM664   Embedded System Hacking and Security every spring
ENPM665 Cloud Security every fall
ENPM667   Control of Robotic Systems every fall
ENPM670   Advanced Energy Audit, Modeling, and Management of Building Systems varies
ENPM671   Advanced Mechanics of Materials varies
ENPM672 Fundamentals for Thermal Systems every fall
ENPM673   Perception for Autonomous Robots every spring
ENPM674   Design and Synthesis of Digital Systems every other fall (rotates with 617)
ENPM675   Operating System Design every other summer
ENPM676   VLSI Testing and Design for Testability every other summer
ENPM677   Wireless Sensor Networks every fall
ENPM685   Security Tools for Information Security every spring
ENPM686   Information Assurance every spring
ENPM687 Digital Forensics and Incidence Responses every fall and summer(fall = online only)
ENPM690   Robot Learning every spring
ENPM691 Hacking of C programs and Unix Binaries every fall and spring
ENPM692   Manufacturing and Automation every spring
ENPM693   Network Security every spring
ENPM694   Networks and Protocols every fall
ENPM695   Secure Operating Systems Fall 2023 and Spring 2024, and then every spring
ENPM696   Reverse Software Engineering every fall
ENPM697 Secure Software Testing and Construction every spring
ENPM808     Advanced Topics in Engineering  
ENPM808A   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Introduction to Machine Learning every fall
ENPM808B   Advanced Mobile Broadband Communications Systems and Standards varies
ENPM808C   Ocean Energy Harvesting varies
ENPM808D     Network System Design every other fall
      every other fall
ENPM808E   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Managing Software Engineering Projects varies
ENPM808F   Biometrics 1.5 year loop
ENPM808G   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Applied Additive Manufacturing varies
ENPM808I     Fundamentals of Electrochemical Power Sources Engineering TBD
ENPM808J   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Design of Experiments every other fall
ENPM808K   Advanced Systems Architecting varies
ENPM808L   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Analytics for Decision Support 1.5 year loop
ENPM808N Advanced Topics in Engineering; Solar Energy and Technologies every fall (online only)
ENPM808O   Advanced Topics in Engineering; AI-Based Software Systems every other fall
ENPM808P   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Printed Electronics every other spring
ENPM808R   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Machine Learning Techniques Applied to Cybersecurity every spring
ENPM808V   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Quality Management Systems and Lean Six Sigma every spring
ENPM808W   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Data Science every fall (every other fall will be online only)
ENPM808X   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Software Development for Robotics every fall
ENPM808Y   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Fundamental Concepts of AI and Machine Learning, and Their Applications every spring
ENPM808Z   Advanced Topics in Engineering; Cognitive Robotics varies
ENPM809B     Pervasive Computing: from Cloud to Edge  
ENPM809E   Special Topics in Engineering; Python Applications for Robotics every spring
ENPM809F   Special Topics in Engineering; Internet of Things varies
ENPM809G   Special Topics in Engineering; Network Data Science 1.5 year loop
ENPM809I   Fundamentals of Unmanned Air Vehicles varies
ENPM809J   Special Topics in Engineering; Introduction to Power Systems Engineering varies
ENPM809K   Special Topics in Engineering; Fundamentals for Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Framework every fall
ENPM809L     Special Topics in Engineering; Sampling Theory and Analog to Digital Conversion TBD
ENPM809M   Fundamentals of Power Electronics for Energy Systems every other fall
ENPM809P     FPGA-based Digital System Design varies
ENPM809Q   Special Topics in Engineering; Gas Turbines Design and Analysis varies
ENPM809R     Software Defined Networking every fall
ENPM809T   Special Topics in Engineering; Autonomous Robotics every spring
ENPM809V   Advanced Hacking of Linux and Embedded Systems varies
ENPM809W   Special Topics in Engineering; Introduction to Secure Coding for Software Engineering every fall
ENPM809X   Special Topics in Engineering; Data and Algorithms varies
ENPM809Y   Special Topics in Engineering; Introductory Robot Programming every fall
ENPM818A     (Advanced) Programming with C and Embedded C  
ENPM818B     Smart Grid  
ENPM818C     Smart Vehicle and Transportation Systems  
ENPM818D     Smart Home Appliances  
ENPM818G     Embedded Systems Hardware  
ENPM818I     Embedded Software Design and Optimization  
ENPM818J     (Real Time) Operating Systems  
ENPM818K     Embedded System and IoT Security  
ENPM818L   Low Power Design for Embedded Systems  
ENPM818M     Introduction to Networking and Distributed Systems 5G/6G