Our mission is to provide our students with the most accurate and timely information as it pertains to their academic success.  We are always happy to meet with our students and encourage them to make an appointment to speak with an advisor at least once per semester.

If you need to come by our office, click here for our address and directions. Our office hours are Monday through Friday, 8:30am. – 5:00pm. 

Stephanie Elcock, Senior Academic Advisor

Contact Your Primary Academic Advisor regarding any course registration, course selection, course permissions, course substitution/approval, 10-course curriculum planning needs, academic probation/difficulties, course issues, and F1 Student Travel Letter Requests.

Stephanie Elcock


Senior Academic Advisor

Phone: 301-314-2196 
Email: mage-advising@umd.edu

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In addition to discussing course and curriculum needs with your senior academic advisor, our office is here to support you throughout your graduate studies. As such, for other needs, please contact one of our other MAGE Academic Affairs staff members listed below:

Canitria Cook, Coordinator for Academic Affairs

Contact the Coordinator for Academic Affairs regarding any proctoring, MAGE employment opportunities, official letter requests, new student transition questions, graduation process, MAGE events, or general graduate studies needs. Alumni who are in need of assistance should also contact the Coordinator.

Canitria Cook

Coordinator for Academic Affairs

Phone: 301-405-0336 
Email: mage-advising@umd.edu

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Contact Sonja regarding any escalating faculty issues.

Sonja Dietrich

Associate Director for Academic Affairs

Phone: 301-405-1101 
Email: sdietric@umd.edu