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Highlighting Women in Engineering: MAGE Student Liora Mervis

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Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering Student Liora Mervis

Wrapping up Women’s History Month 2024, Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering shines the spotlight on one more of its many incredible women engineers. Liora Mervis, a M.Eng. student at the University of Maryland, is carving out a spot in the landscape of Fire Protection Engineering with her unwavering dedication. Liora embarked on her academic journey through a combined 4+1 B.S./M.Eng., laying the foundation for her future endeavors. She chose MAGE at the University of Maryland for its flexibility and diverse range of offerings, recognizing its potential to equip her with specialized skills for leadership roles. She anticipates graduating with her Master of Engineering in Fall 2025.

"The flexibility of the degree program allows me to fit classes into my schedule while balancing my professional responsibilities," Liora explains. "I have the opportunity to diversify my skill set through a variety of courses relevant to my career aspirations." This adaptability has been crucial for Mervis, who navigates her coursework seamlessly as a full-time engineer at Jensen Hughes, primarily working on fire probabilistic risk analysis projects for nuclear power plants.

Witnessing fellow female engineers excel in various management roles has been truly inspiring.

Liora Mervis

In a traditionally male-dominated field, Liora’s journey as a woman engineer has been both challenging and empowering. "Witnessing fellow female engineers excel in various management roles has been truly inspiring," she reflects. "I've always received immense respect from my colleagues, who have shown unwavering trust in my abilities as an engineer." Mervis emphasizes the importance of fostering inclusive workplaces where women are respected and valued for their contributions.

"My mother motivated me to enter the STEM field," Liora shares. "Her unwavering support and encouragement propelled me towards my goals." Inspired by her passion for science and mathematics, as well as her desire to make a positive impact on society, Liora's journey inspires us to challenge stereotypes, champion diversity, and pave the way for a future where women thrive in every facet of the engineering profession.

Published March 29, 2024