Photo of Arjun Palat Meethale
There's nothing I'd take away from this experience. Go Terps!

Arjun Palat Meethale

Engineer at Amgen

M.Eng. in Mechanical


Having gone through a lot in my past, I was never one to turn away from challenges. So when an opportunity presented itself in front of me in the form of graduate education at the University of Maryland, I could not say no. I had several ups and downs throughout my two years here, but my determination finally paid off as I obtained a summer internship with the Engineering team at Amgen in 2023.

As I put my communication, project management, and problem solving skills to good use, Amgen was pleased to offer me a full time role after my graduation. Keeping my motivation at a high, I graduated during the spring of 2024.

I am looking forward to starting my journey at Amgen, and am thankful for MAGE, its staff and faculty, and all my friends and family who have been a pillar of support for my success.


Why Maryland?

The University of Maryland was one of my top choices for pursuing my masters in Mechanical Engineering. UMD has a high reputation amongst employers, and is one of the best Engineering schools in the United States. It didn't only provide me with the opportunity to connect with some amazing recruiters, but I am also extremely grateful for the connections I've made along the way.

There's nothing I'd take away from this experience. Go Terps!