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New Text and Reference by Eisenberg for Environmental Risk Analysis

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Adjunct Professor and Senior Research Scientist Norman A. Eisenberg (Professional Master of Engineering program) recently co-authored Quantitative Environmental Risk Analysis for Human Health with Robert A. Fjeld, and Keith L. Compton in a new text/reference book.

This text is a complete, self-contained, and comprehensive treatment of environmental risk analysis. All facets of this highly interdisciplinary subject are explained by using fundamental concepts in each discipline and showing how these various disciplines tie together to provide input to environmental decision-making. The emphasis is on concepts and applications of quantitative tools.

This reference also relates risk analysis to current environmental laws and regulations. This textbook is designed for graduate students and upper-level undergraduates in various engineering and quantitative science disciplines, especially civil and environmental engineering; it is also suitable as a reference for practitioners in industry, environmental consulting firms, and regulatory agencies.

NORMAN A. EISENBERG, PhD, has over thirty years of experience in environmental risk analysis, including work on environmental analysis within the federal government (U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission and Department of Energy) and as a consultant. He also teaches graduate courses for the Professional Master of Engineering program in Environmental Risk Analysis and Contaminant Transport and Fate in the Environment

Published January 30, 2007