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Cerza, Martin

Cerza, Martin

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering

Dr. Cerza has spent 50 years in industry and academe. During that time he has been involved with research and development of a variety of heat transfer/fluids and propulsion devices for both industry and academe. He has worked for and with the aerospace, nuclear, marine, heat transfer industries, and government laboratories for over 40 years, and with academic institutions for over 35 years. He has excellent communication, analytical, and people skills. With the US Navy laboratories he has acted as scientist, engineer, program manager, and consultant to a variety of Navy programs. As a Professor at Rutgers University, the US Naval Academy and The Johns Hopkins University he has been involved with teaching, research, advising and supervising of students and their projects. Dr. Cerza was a Visiting Fellow at The University of Oxford, Oxford, U.K. (2000-2001), where he was a consultant and PhD advisor at the Gas Turbines Laboratory (Osney-Southwell Laboratory) involved with gas turbine recuperator heat transfer research for Rolls Royce, plc. Dr. Cerza has spent the last 3 years developing a prototype Gas Turbine – Organic Rankine Cycle Co-Generation Plant utilizing gas turbine waste heat exhaust energy for the US Navy at USNA.

Currently Dr. Cerza is active in the engineering communities as a manager, researcher and teacher.