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MAGE Faculty

Collier, Lewis

Collier, Lewis

Maryland Applied Graduate Engineering

Dr. Collier earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Rhode Island, where his dissertation was “Model-Based 3-D Reconstruction of Transparent Objects from a Single Image.” This research utilized machine learning techniques to perform bioinformatics processing that enables reconstruction of biological nanoparticles from Cryogenic Transparent Electron Microscopy (CTEM) imagery. He also holds an MSEE from URI in VLSI design, as well as bachelor’s degrees in Physics and Mathematics from UNCH-CH.

His education experiences cover a wide array of technology areas. At MAGE, he leads the ENPM808F Biometrics, ENPM808L Analytics for Decision Support, and ENPM809G Network Data Science courses. He has also instructed graduate courses in bioinformatics, software/systems engineering, and Object-Oriented Analysis/Design (OOA/D). He also has taught undergraduate courses in software/systems engineering, OOA/D, computer networks, and advanced C++ programming.

His professional career spans technology ranging from acoustic sonar modeling and simulation, electrical motor control systems, and automated optical inspection of information displays to video display processing hardware, biometrics systems, and artificial intelligent systems for video identification processing. Currently, Dr. Collier is the Senior Engineering Manager at The MIL Corporation’s Rapid Engineering & Prototyping Solutions Sector, where he leads a team of 50+ technologists in the full range of systems engineering for C5ISR sensor systems and information processing systems.