FPE Seminar: High-fidelity and reduced-order modeling of fire hazards and suppression

Thursday, October 28, 2021
10:30 a.m.
Fire and Risk Alliance Conference Room (3106 JMP)
Christine O'Brien

Speaker: Bifen Wu, Postdoc Researcher, FM Global

Title: High-fidelity and reduced-order modeling of fire hazards and suppression


Emerging fire hazards in real life becomes more severe than ever in recent years, challenging the fire community to develop next-generation fire protection and prevention systems. By leveraging advanced numerical techniques and hardware accelerators, high-fidelity modeling has been applied to simulate complex fire systems ranging from laboratory-scale fires to industrial ware-house fires, to realistic façade fires, and to wildfires. In this talk, the development of a high-fidelity modeling platform, using state-of-the-art models for chemistry, radiation, soot and water suppression, is presented. The high-fidelity modeling platform is applied on a cubic emitting-receiving water suppression configuration and a turbulent heptane pool fire to investigate interactions among soot and water mists, and among turbulence, chemistry and radiation, respectively. Physical insights and database generated from the high-fidelity simulations are used to inform two reduced-order models to accelerate large-scale fire simulations. Application of high-fidelity modeling to practical façade fires is investigated, with the impact of design parameters on the heat flux of the façade highlighted. Finally, how high-fidelity fire modeling can leverage adaptive mesh refinement and machine learning to reduce computational cost of large-scale fire simulations will be briefly discussed.


Dr. Bifen Wu is currently a Postdoc Researcher in the Fire Hazard and Protection Division at FM Global. She applies advanced numerical techniques to a variety of strategic research topics, including gas-soot radiation modeling, façade fires, and wildfire physical and risk modeling. Before joining FM, she gained her bachelor’s degree in Thermal Engineering at Tsinghua University in Beijing, China. She then conducted her PhD research in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Connecticut, focusing on thermal radiation and diffusion flame modeling using Monte Carlo ray tracing-based method.

Audience: Campus 

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